About us

Who we are and what can we offer to our members?

WalletSurf is the online advertising program. The money which we receive from advertising sales on walletsurf.com website are invested to advertising of several successfull projects. The 99% of income we receive from our investments is shared between our advertisers.

Our team is working with investments to startup projects and also we are affiliates of many successfull internet websites. We are focused on promoting quality services and earning affiliate commissions from sales which we helped to generate.

We work in this business for about 2 years and have managed to reach montly profit from the money which we spend on promoting other projects.

Our aims

The main aim is creating of successfull advertising portal where you can buy advertising, promote your producs and generate sales for your business. We offer banner advertising of 3 different sizes (728x90px, 468x60px and 728x90px) and text advertising. We plan to add more advertising opportunities in future.

Another point is using the money from advertising sales for developing of our internet projects promotion business. The profit we earn will give us an opportunity to reward our advertisers.

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